Tuesday, January 31, 2012

England Part One

This debrief will be extremely stream of conscience so here we go.  

Monday: Go to AEA get parts for doing SMT re-flow. come home, pack head to airport forget coat go back home get coat head back to airport.  Get through security with no issues. for some reason getting my ticket was not working at first but then someone helped and was just fine.  Get on plane.  trade seats with someone so that the group of friends can sit together.  sit between to other guys one is going back to boston for school was in japan.  while in flight someone gets sick flight attendants asked if their is a doctor aboard.  

Tuesday: Land in boston paramedics are waiting take person that was sick of plane. I get off find my next gate, find a power outlet charge phone text mom and katy that I have made it to boston.  Go get a sandwich and a tea, feel sick go buy aspine feel better get on next flight to london. plane is half full its nice I have a window seat and no one next to me.  sleep most of the flight. get to Heathrow get through customs bag is lying on the ground waiting.  Phone does not work wait for Colin to come and pick me up. Get to Colin’s, hang out for a bit, take a walk with Colin and the dog. Go to bed.

Wednesday:  Get up around 10:45am local time go down to the shop get introduced to Daniel and Buzz.  Look at the schematic for Colin’s mic pre.  Fix Terry Finn’s two RPQ 500s.  Go with Daniel to get tile for mounting the stencil to for solder paste. Glue the tile with scrap PCBs so that the motherboard fits in perfectly and won’t move around.

Thursday: Wake up super early.  Stay in bed leaning how to use KiCAD CAD package better.  Order PCBs for a DI design that I have been working on form iStore/Open PCB. Spend most of the day working on preparing for pick and place. Lean about how to squidgy on the solder paste. Pick and place components cant believe that I forgot to bring the decoupling caps.  Bake board. needs two runs though the oven to fully solder. I think that I should have cleaned off the board first with some flux.  Board comes out great.

Friday:  Wake up late, go with Colin to a friends studio to play with the mic pre and see if there is any noticeable issues with the switching power supplies.  No noticeable issues sounds very similar to the Sadie mic pres. Have a great pub lunch. Go back to Colin’s fix two more RPQ 500s. Go to dinner.

Saturday: Pack up and head out to the Blyths.  

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