Thursday, March 8, 2012

CR Filters

Voltage Divider:
VOUT = VIN*R2/( R1+R2)


dB equation:
dB = 20log(VOUT/VIN)


Capacitor reactance:
Xc = 1/(2 Pi F C)

and you get the cutoff frequency

Electronic Projects for Musicians

Super Tone Control 

Electronic Projects for Musicians

Craig Anderton

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So here is the newest layout for the mic pre that I am working on 


Well I thought that I would be good to give a general update of what is going on in my life currently.  I am now/soon to be hired employe at AEA.  If your not familiar with AEA they make ribbon mics in the Big Ribbon tradition, as well as mic preamps.  I have been interning for six or so months now and have enjoyed every moment.   I was part of the team that brought the RPQ 500 to market.  I am currently doing work with their mic pre design to make it fit into a Sony console.

Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob have been back together for just under a year now and a lot has changed.  We are working on a new album currently.  We are playing at La Cave on the 31st of March with Ghost Town Jenny and a few others I believe.

School is going well I am finishing up my Digital Media certificate this semester.  I am swimming again and feel much better.

Ok well I think that is a general overview of what is going on.