Sunday, November 7, 2010

Benjolin Light Synth

This was made by Casper Electronics

"The sound in this video is all made using one my custom built synth that 

you can read about it here.

The synth is made up of two complex analog oscillator/modulator/filter circuits, 
a light control circuit and a modified BOSS RSD 10 sample/echo module.
I've started playing with a cool feature of the RSD 10 which is that it can
use external oscillators to control the playback rate of the echo and an
external clock to trigger the echo repeats. I'm using a sequenced oscillator
to melodically modulate the pitch of the echo of the other oscillators and
I'm using the sequence clock to trigger the echo. its a cool sounding
effect that gives a relatively normal sequence a bunch of cool quirks to
play with.

I want to make cool rhythmic like this, some day soon it will happen!

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