Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY RAM Memory- Register Style

This is from Its an amazing hand built three bit memory. DIY RAM Memory- Register Style

DIY RAM Memory- Register Style

**UPDATE** I also made a CMOS version here:
If you have ever looked at a microcontroller's datasheet, you have probably seen something about registers.  Registers are little one or two byte memory storage units in microcontrollers.  The register in this instructable can hold 3 bits of data (b/c I ran out of room on my breadboards) using transistors.  I did this to prove that I can, however, its not practical as an 8 bit register requires 64 transistors, about 64 resistors and lots of space.

The register is a neat device. It can recieve data when the enable input is, in my circuit, low and it can then latch and save the data even it the data line is changing. My circuit is not the conventional D-type latch because it used more transistors than I had.

Swishercutter left a great comment:
Good job.

Whenever I see people build large scale versions of commonly available circuits I always think of my electronics instructor...he wanted to build a "Macroprocessor" which would be built from tubes and relays (he is an ex radar tech) as he put it " would be as big as a building, would put off a ton of heat as well as making the most wonderful clicking sound as it ran...".

Lets keep going on these types of Instructables...if we forget how these circuits are designed internally we become not only dependent on the circuit always being there but we also risk losing the spark of ingenuity which led to the design in the first can only go further if you know how we got here.

Maybe we can start a "macroelectronics" tag just for things like this.

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