Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Altec 1566A Day One

So today was spent primarily in preparation for building. The bench was a true mess and needed to get cleaned up, but I have started work on the Pre. The output tube stage is complete it was just a few jumpers that needed to get wired up so not to bad very quick to do. Also now I know what parts I need to go out and get, and that the transformers that I picked up yesterday are not to speck of what I need. I am going to do some research and see if I am still able to use them, if not they were all of five dollars and I need to get a power transformer from APEX as well. The Primary windings are in the 250ohm range, which is not perfect, but it just means 100 ohms would load down the microphone? The Secondary is were the problem lies, its only 1.89k, which may be to low of an impedance for the tubes. Even if I ran both the Secondary in parallel I would still be 6k under the speck of the original.

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