Monday, January 3, 2011


I built this pedal originally about a year or so ago now its two Zvex SHO in series with an in and out loop for each stage and well as volume control for each stage. When I orginally built this pedal I was off in some of my measurments so the loop functionality did not work do to the output jacks touching together. I wanted to try fix this problem as well as try out Frequency Central Layout that adds an additional 2N5457 into the circuit which gives an extra crunchy tone. While cleaning out some of my parts I found this extra enclosure that I had so I figured that now was the time to try it out. Still working on it currently but here are some pictures.

Laying out the box for parts:

Adding pots and switches to make sure everything fits and allow for easier soldering:

New circuit form Frequency Cental at the top in the center:

Power jack wired up ready to test out:

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